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Words & images

Glass Nib Ltd creates technically accurate, easy to understand, documents. illustrations and commercial images that improve the quality of information provided to your Users. With over 28 years’ experience, we are specialists in the design and creation of technical documents for businesses both large and small.

Technical writing

We write technical documents in simple terms. They deliver clear, easy-to-follow, jargon-free content.

Good technical documentation can:

  • reinforce your professional image,
  • reduce the number of calls to your helpdesk,
  • improve manufacturing build quality,
  • streamline processes and make them consitent.

… but more importantly it conveys to your Users that you have considered their needs (not insignificant if you want repeat business).

Authoring services

Commercial photography

Good images convey strong visual messages. Whether we’re shooting interiors, portraits or simple product shots we always seek out the best camera angle and effect to help ‘tell the story’.

Our photography services include capturing great images for effective marketing materials. We also take bespoke themed photographs to enforce your Company branding and style, or evoke a particular mood. Products, interiors, people and places – whatever your business photographic needs, we have them covered.

Photography services


See below for a showcase of some of our typical projects.

(Please note that a lot of the material we produce is commercially sensitive. We respect our customer’s confidentiality which limits the available examples of our authoring service).